All About Me

Hello All and welcome to my site! My name is Lauren Russell and I am a nail technician who has also obtained my bachelors degree in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing.
I first became interested in fashion when I was about twelve years old and my friends told me that I was too much of a tomboy. Well that actually got me to thinking what does it really mean to be a tomboy? And why couldnt what I like to wear be my own personal style? So I begged my mom to pay for my first subscription to Teen People Magazine. I dont know if anyone remembers that magazine? And from there I learned what teen fashion is and how I can turn my tomboy look into style. I honestly fell in love with fashion from that first day of inquiring my new magazine. There is just so much that you can do with fashion. I absolutely love how with fashion you can put on an outfit and it can show what kind of mood your in or what emotion you are trying to express for that day. For example, if I put on pink I like to think that people view me as a girly girl but if I put on all black with dark makeup on a rainy day I am trying to say that I am not in the mood and leave me alone. I just love how I can express myself through fashion.
Now I know some of you are thinking will where did nails factor into this equation? Well the inspiration came while I was in college and I needed a way to make some extra money. I went to school in Hackettstown, NJ which is like an hour away from where I live and also kind of in the middle of nowhere, so a lot of females on campus needed somewhere to go when they couldnt get home for a simple manicure at a low price. So that is how Bi’Nerual Nails got started. I have been working on my brand for about two years now and I am very excited to have obtained my license in New Jersey. A lot of people ask me how do I tie in nails and fashion to be one? Well it is simple….Fashion is everything and everywhere. From the polish that you pick to the design that you want me to create. It is all an idea that you received from your own personal style and isnt style apart of fashion? I will soon me owning my own nail boutique and it will all come together for the love of nails and fashion!!!!!