Kenzo Summer

Kenzo Summer

River Island cuffed shorts
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Jeweled earrings

NYX lipstick

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Not everyone is a princess

Not everyone is a princess

Almost done….for now

Hello fellow bloggers! It is I, Bianca here once again Just giving you a brief update on my life. Soooo….as some of you may know I have started school back in August of 2014, and finally my first year of college is coming to an end. No, I am not a freshman because  like some of us out there we took a little time to discover “me” and have started our journey a little late. They are what you would call me a first semester junior. I am 27 years old with credits from an accredited community college. I also study fashion merchandising. 

     I decided to study merchandising because, as much as I would love to design my own clothes, I do not have the talent that others possess. So I said to myself, if you can’t design them, then style them. I love to dress people. I love to know that they feel more confident that they asked of my opinion and I was able to satisfy them. I like to make men and women feel at their best. Yes, men need a little pick up too. 

I do enjoy more urban wear but I can put a formal outfit together as well. I like to say I am pretty diverse when it comes to colors and patterns and designs. I love to work with all things. 


    When I started school I was pretty nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. I started to question my skills. If I was going to be good enough? Or what if the classes are too hard? Well I be able to change my major without my family thinking I’m just winging it. But Centenary College has a great fashion program and I am more then pleased with the results. It also has to do with what you are happy with. For a long time I was not happy in my community college, because I was studying journalism. Don’t get me wrong I love to write, it just wasn’t what I wanted to do. Then I thought well I can always go into writing about fashion, but then I thought that is too behind the scenes. I went home one day and thought to myself, what can I do that I can be in the know and write and gain a name for myself in the industry? And that is when I came up with Fashion merchandising. And with merchandising I can market to clients, I can style clients and I can also write about clients or different styles. I love merchandising, I hope to be a personal stylist one day or own my on styling firm. I can not wait to see where my degree and the Lord takes me with this. I pray everyday that he will come thru for me and my family and I will not let them down. 

    When you are allowed a second chance at life, you  must hold on tight and grip it for dear life, cause Lord knows it may be your last chance at something good. I will be getting out of school in May for the summer and with that I will be working on my craft more. I will be researching, studying, perfecting and blogging my craft more.

  Well its almost time for class. I will talk to you blogger later.