Denim fever


Appearing again from This full length denim look. Matched with some red stiletto heels great for rooftop bbqs or a night out at the local pub.
Also keep in trend with the shirt tied around the waist.

Balenciaga Grunge 2013

Balenciaga Grunge 2013

Interview time


Okay so this is a look u did a few days ago for a second job interview that I had with this company that turned out to be a scam. Thank goodness I listened to my gut and my mother I dodge a bullet with that one.
My too is from easy pickins and my pants are made by mossimo from target. My bag is also mossimo from target. And my shoes I stole from my grandmother closet.

Head Wrap Phrase


Hey everyone it has been way too long. Working and working on my craft is shown to be a little time consuming.
Also my best friend had come into town from Va so of course I was busy running the streets with get. But enough about that, so I’ve been noticing that lately I have become really lazy with my hair and just don’t want to wear a weave or take the time out to do my own hair. So I discover the Turban look. Mine I like to say I wear African style. I learned how to do it watching a YouTube video.
With this particular style I wore a Forever21 one piece romper with light blue suede oxfords and you can’t see them but my stud earrings were the color green in the scarf.
Let me know what you guys think of this look.