Time is almost over

Hello everyone!!! I know I have been neglecting my blog, but school is almost over for the semester I have finals next week so wish me luck. So I was talking with my adviser and my parents and they think its in my best interest since I am already majoring in journalism that I should major in Fashion editing when I move on to get my bachelors. And I mean that probably is the easiest way to move on from my associates degree but I don’t know…I mean either way I would be doing what I love so I may consider the change in major. 

I took a break to write this post and do a little fashion research. I know I have been neglecting on my latest put together so I will be posting those up soon. Please be patient with me as I am going through my school business and continue to pray for me and believe in me. Thank you. 

Stay fashionable and stylish


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