Time is almost over

Hello everyone!!! I know I have been neglecting my blog, but school is almost over for the semester I have finals next week so wish me luck. So I was talking with my adviser and my parents and they think its in my best interest since I am already majoring in journalism that I should major in Fashion editing when I move on to get my bachelors. And I mean that probably is the easiest way to move on from my associates degree but I don’t know…I mean either way I would be doing what I love so I may consider the change in major. 

I took a break to write this post and do a little fashion research. I know I have been neglecting on my latest put together so I will be posting those up soon. Please be patient with me as I am going through my school business and continue to pray for me and believe in me. Thank you. 

Stay fashionable and stylish


Hey everyone so school is going great!!!! Got my mid term back today and I got a 90!!! So excited finally I am focused and ready to go…. The final is coming up next month so which me luck. My job is going good so far. Everyone is really nice and they seem like they […]