Tomorrow will always come…for now

Hey everyone. So a little update on my life. Tomorrow I have my last interview for this company to be come a part time supervisor so wish me luck!!!! Once I get this job or any other job will I be buying a car as a little celebration present for myself.

School is going will just had my first math test so results are coming soon. Hopefully i get at least a B. Fashion research is coming along nicely as well. I am looking the new trends for spring and will be incorporating them into the wardrobe real soon. So look for ootd pics soon.

I have also been thinking about my money a lot lately and how much should I really devote to picking up with the trends. I mean I know its some sort of blasphemy for even thinking that I cant stay within trend. But I always come sort cause I start to think of my bills and how much I don’t want clothes or my career to put me in debt. Isnt there a solution to being able to keep up with bills and fashion trends all at the same time? I mean someone let me know. And I know there are a lot of “get this look for less” out there but then when I try to achieve those looks it seems like I’m still spending more then I should. I am still know to this and have a lot to learn and I know that if I keep researching and probably stop being lazy and make a budget plan, i know  I can successful at it.

Anywho, I have already talked too much. So pray for me tomorrow and pray I find a good car that will be reliable and not give me too many problems. Alright stay flashy and stylish I’m out.      


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