Will it pay off in the end????????????

Hey everyone so I haven’t been on in a week and I am totally sorry. Of course I have been busy with getting school together and I actually started last week. And can I tell you my math class alone has me on my toes. But never the less I am so excited to finally be back on track and gearing up to hopefully graduate at the end of September. Yayyyyyyy!!!!

  As a matter of fact I just finished 3 chapters worth of homework and reviewing for my first quiz on Monday, so wish me luck!!!! 

On Friday actually I had a little free time so I was in the computer lab bsing around and I came upon fashion school search as I always seem to do and I found a school called LIM College in the city. Has anyone heard of it? Do you think I should apply there when I try ot apply to FIT again? I may take my changes and go ahead and try. Because I am majoring in  journalism right now and I see that they have a good fashion editing program if fashion styling never works out for me. You can never have to many notches under your belt. 

But anywho, its finally tv and magazine time for me so I off I got to do some research.  You guys have a great weekend and week if I dont talk to you anytime soon. 


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