God Works in Mysterious Ways

Hey everyone!!! Today was a good day. I was at work and really got to meet some good people. I think this will be a better environment to work at. Everyone seems really nice and gets along with each other. I am a little excited, because I think God is really working.

So for awhile I have really been playing with the idea of starting my portfolio so I have something to show that isn’t on my iPhone or on this blog. I think it will be more professional when I go to seminars and talk with people who want to see my work. And today while I was at work one of my co workers was telling me that he is a photographer and instantly a light bulb went off over my head.

I can work with him at work and after work and maybe he can help me get my portfolio started. I don’t know I’ll have to work a little more closer to him to see how serious he is with his work and his inspiration. We will see? Hopefully in the coming days you will see a more professional blog then what I am doing now. 

Thanks and i’ll ta;l to you guys later…stay fly and fancy