Stressed out Saturday

Okay so this post has really nothing to do with fashion. But right now my blog is my only outlet for my emotions. So as some of you know I lost my job about two weeks ago but according to my family I should have found a job by now. But apparently no one watches the news or reads the paper in this family because then they would know that this economy is nowhere near back to the way it was so it may take a little longer. 

  Im trying to enjoy my saturday off and planning my next move when I go upstairs and my mother is asking me when will my unemployment kick in? I mean I dont work for the government Idk when it will kick in. She wants to know cause apparently no one in this house can live without their precious tv and she wants to know when I can pay the cable bill and any of my other bills. I mean I thought they were MY BILLS!!!!! so why RE YOU WORRIED?! Then her comes my idiot little brother trying to tell me that apparently he lives in my body and knows my mind and is going to tell me that he knows for a fact that when I do get my unemployment I am not going to give my whole check to paying my bills. Because I must be some selfish bitch and dont care for my family!!!! I mean like really asshole that what you do thats why you think everyone thinks like you. 

When I knew that I had got fired I went into action mood and automatically put money aside to me able to pay my bills. So MY BILLS were made for December and January so while they clocking my money flow I know what I am doing. I am 25 years old and this family doesnt realize that I have grown up and my priorities are straight so please have some faith in your sister, daughter, grandchild, niece, cousin whatever I am to you. This head on my shoulders is straight and not for nothing it always has been just cause I may not take your advice or do what you want me to do doesnt mean that I dont know what I am doing. Damn dont worry about my damn pockets worry about your own. Cause I got this and my God got this and thats the only one that needs to worry about my money flow.


3 thoughts on “Stressed out Saturday

  1. Wow! I understand much of what you’re dealing with. I just graduated school last month and will be 25 next month. I’ve had all kinds of people, family included, on my back about what I’m gonna do next. I have a coupld of jobs lined up (hopefully starting one next week).

    As long as you are doing what you’re supposed to, things will work out. Instead of biting back at your fam, just prove them wrong (that usually hits the hardest). Continue to show your trust in God and He’ll show you and everyone around just how good He is at His job. 🙂

    I wish you the best in your search and your future!

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