So I am so excited as I watch my drama filled “Love and Hip hop” I went to school today and find out I might be able to graduate as soon as September !!!! My second advisor (yes I have two always get a second opinion) told me that I only need seven credits left. Which means I could be taken this psych class for no reason. Which is good because i dont want to waste any of my  financial aid on classes I dont need. 

So I am so happy cause I am so ready to get out of community college and move on to the bigger picture in life!!!! I have been contemplating what is my next step after getting into a bigger college. Like do I continue to blog til someone discovers me? Do I keep trying to put my name out there on tumblr and instagram and facebook til the right person comes across my page? Do I intern? But then how will I pay my bills? I dont know I need help and I need it fast cause I aint getting any younger. But then I must be patient its all on Gods time not mine. I have to keep remembering that and keep playing on that.