Sandy Hook

Hey everyone!!! long time no see….I’ve been busy with working and working on my fashion education. I’ve been looking up designers, looking through mags and watching youtube videos on how to be the best stylist I can be. I’m so happy I’m growing up in a world of technology. 

I just want to take some time out to recognize the little children in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting you had hopes and dreams in this world who will never get to live them out. I am blessed to still be alive and experience life and I pray for the children and parents who will not be able to enjoy this holiday season because a coward of a man took their joy from them. It makes me sad to know that their are people out there so cold hearted so ruthless would kill innocent little children and their principal and teacher that just wanted to protect them and their innocent.

Thank you to all the police men and hospitals who tried their best to heal the children and keep them save. God bless you and for everyone else count your blessings and have a good day.  


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