Yayyyyyy Florida here I come

Hey everyone!!!! So much has happened this week that I dont even know were to begin….So I was fired from my job and I can go into details about it but why even give them the satisfaction. I know I was a hard worker and Karma will be upon him and that place that was like a dungeon.

But I take this as a sign that it is time for me to start really getting my name at there and to really start educating my fashion sense. I am so happy because he only did me a favor. Lets be honest I wasn’t happy with that place and I needed out. And my big mouth got me out.

But I’m not a stupid chick I had a few stocks that I was able to cash out and my 401K is pretty wealthy so I’ll be carrying that on to whatever job I get next. And I was able o put my nails back and finally feel like a lady. I’m so happy!!!1

And tomorrow I will be off to Florida to a nice long awaited vacation. I will be staying there til New Years and my best friends and I will be having a blast so everyone enjoy the holidays and we will speak soon!!!!