Painful Rejection

So I’m down today…I come home from having a bad day at my dead end job to find a letter waiting on my dining room table from FIT in NYC. So before I opened it I prayed that it would make my day better but it did not….I was rejected from FIT. I dont know what else there is to do not if I cant get into FIT that means going back to my lame ass community college that got me nowhere in the first place. I just wish they wouldve asked me to show my talent and then they would have accepted me. But I guess maybe this is just another path in life that I have to make a U turn after hitting the block in the road. I’ll probably be crying all night and feeling depressed for the rest of the week but I’ll be okay I guess. Thanks to those who were hoping and praying for me but dont worry my journey is not over yet and I will not give up on my fashion I’ll one day make it and achieve my goals. 


2 thoughts on “Painful Rejection

  1. i know how it feels to be rejected, hang on in there. It feels bad right now, but time makes it easier (cliche I know but it honestly does). I truly believe in things happening for a reason, so maybe this was not meant to be for you, but it just means that you have to stop looking at the closed door long enough to realise that another door has opened.

    Good luck.

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