Another Week here again….

So another week is beginning to start and soon I will be at work again. I really need to get this fashion thing off the ground. I really need to start getting the ball rolling. And as I was thinking of these things I was on my laptop and stumbled upon some fashion courses that I can take in NYC from 400 to 750 dollars. I mean it will be a small price to pay in order to get my head in the game and my name in the streets of fashion. I am so motivated and I have the ambition I need now I just need someone to believe that my talent is worth it. I plan signing up for these classes because number one I need to get my drawing skills together and number two you never know who you’ll meet. I could possibly meet my future in these courses. Any who, I just blowing off some steam and writing out these thoughts onto paper before I go crazy. Thanks for listening. 


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