One day I’ll open my eyes and all this will make sense….

Hey everyone and goodnight. Its 1:15 in the morning over here in Jersey and I cant sleep cause I just worked another long shift and usually I’m up because I’m suffering from work related stress. I just want leave that place and live my dreams out of this stylist career. And its crazy cause usually when I want something and I can’t get it or its seems to hard to work for I usually just give up but with fashion I want keep moving forward. I really feel like fashion is my calling now. Even if I dont get to be stylist, I have to do something in fashion or I’m going to go crazy.I’m glad I created this blog because I really get to show what my mind thinks of and I can also vent with out any consequences. Well thanks for reading or observing my blog or both. And tell a friend who knows a friend that I can style for anything. Goodnight and God bless.


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