Sunday is here again…

So another Sunday is here which means another Monday is to come….I don’t know what it is about Mondays but they seem to be the worst day to come in the week. I am looking forward to this week though, a lot of things will get accomplished. I am going to travel to the Big City and see if I can start talking to a counselor about any possibilities of me starting school in January.Even if I have to go back to the dreadful community college I have to get some type of degree because I need to be somebody in this world. 

  Also need to make an appointment to the doctors, I have been in months and I need to make sure I am still functioning properly. I also need to really start getting all my business affairs in order. I need to start printing out more flyers and posting them around the community and I discovered a brand new boutique opened up in my area, I should try to talk to them about building an relationship. 

  And then there’s work. You see there’s a difference between my work and my business. At my work thats where I am during the week, it pays my bills so I dont end up homeless on the streets. Then there’s my business, my passion what I want to do for the rest of my life. Its why I have this blog, why I pass out flyers everyday. Why I spend hours making up outfits in my head and constantly on polyvore. Its what I love to do. Its what I need to do. 


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