Chill Friday

Hey everyone! So I just stepped in from work and I am exhausted. I was going to hit the town but I decided to stay in and make it a movie and fashion night. I’ll be watching HBO and working off of polyvore. Anywho, I have been talking to this woman off of instagram and she seems like she interested in my work that I have been doing but every time I try to email her about different looks and accesories she seems so nonchalant. I just wish people would realize that to some this is a way fo life not a hobby. I’m trying to really be famous one day with clothes and I need that one person to give me a chance and believe in what I’m doing. I mean friends and family is one thing but if I can get a complete stranger to see my talent then I am for sure in the door with my career. I mean thats how all the stars got famous. Jennifer Hudson has Simon, Britney had Disney, Pink had LA Reid and I need my somebody. To anyone out their reading this if you know anyone that needs a stylist and is willing to give a little girl like me a chance refer them to this blog.  


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