Painful Rejection

So I’m down today…I come home from having a bad day at my dead end job to find a letter waiting on my dining room table from FIT in NYC. So before I opened it I prayed that it would make my day better but it did not….I was rejected from FIT. I dont know what else there is to do not if I cant get into FIT that means going back to my lame ass community college that got me nowhere in the first place. I just wish they wouldve asked me to show my talent and then they would have accepted me. But I guess maybe this is just another path in life that I have to make a U turn after hitting the block in the road. I’ll probably be crying all night and feeling depressed for the rest of the week but I’ll be okay I guess. Thanks to those who were hoping and praying for me but dont worry my journey is not over yet and I will not give up on my fashion I’ll one day make it and achieve my goals.