The day before Friday

Don’t you always hate the day before Friday? I don’t know maybe its me but its always like “damn its Thursday” One more day til you get paid or its like one more day til your off for the weekend. I mean at least that’s how I look at Thursdays.

So I was all geared up for my Friday night. I was going to wear this simple cocktail dress with my black booties when mother nature decided to take over. So it looks like it’ll be leggings and a jacket for me. But its okay because i hope whatever I rock it’ll look great.

It may rain but i dont care I havent gone out in so long that I need this outing. Anyway it will be great and I cant wait.

I’ve also completed my flyers to start posting up I’m so excited toget my business off the ground. Which reminds me I need to go get my name of my business copyrighted so no one else can have it. Anyway you guys stay fashionably stylist and were the best part of fashion….your smile.


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