Just another idea….

Good afternoon everyone….So  I was getting ready to do my laundry and putting on water to boil to start my spaghetti process. I thought to myself “What is a better way to start getting my business out there?” “How can I get noticed that I want  to be someone stylist that I have this talent?” Then it hit me! Flyers, business cards and word of mouth. 

   So as I write this I am also jotting down ideas and different flyer designs that I can come with. Its so good that I also work at Starbucks because we have this big bulletin board so I can post up my flyer. And since my Starbucks is right in the South Orange area there’s a lot of upper class waiting to spend their money and someone else time to do their job so I am more then in the right spot to build clientele.

  I also found two boutiques in my area that would probably be willing to let me advertise in their shop or maybe even be able to work out of their space as a personal shopper for someone. I ‘m so excited I’m grinning as I write this!!

   On another note and totally off topic I’m thinking of doing a breast cancer walk in NY anyone know where I can sign up if not I’ll just goggle it. Cause any cancer walk is worth it. Any who good night and dream of fashion. 


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