Clouds go away come again another day.

Hey everyone its me again in this lousy monday. It keeps raining on and off out here in NJ and its really windy too. Thank God I wear my turtleneck and windbreaker. Its pink with lots of pockets I love it. What is your fashion for today? Today I had to do a lot of running around. I was in Linden Nj which is a nice little quiet town filled with CVS and TD banks. And of course it wouldn’t be a town without a Starbucks at least on one corner. Then I had to run to South Orange Nj were downtown South Orange is a nice little hang out spot for the older in years and teeange kids. But the one thing that I see in common with all of Nj and the rest of the world is that faux fur is back in season and probably will be here to stay for as long as the winter months are long and there is a chill in the air. But just a little suggestion, its probably best not to wear when it is raining because sometimes it will tend to get mooky and start to smell and even in one incident I have seen it start to shed after water has touched it.
I have also seen that knee high boots and wedge booties are back in season. And can I say I am very excited for this because I just bought a pair of black suede booties the other day that I will be wearing for my friday night with my girls.
I must say though that I think I may start liking the winter months beause of all the cute boots and scarves that come out this time of year. I always thought summer was my favorite season but I think Wmter might come in 2nd place. You guys enjoy your day and stay fashionable.


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