Paris Winter Will you find love

Paris Winter Will you find love


Do what you love

Hey everyone!!! So I have to say that a lot decisions that I have made are really starting to come down on mwe. I really wish I would paid attention to my parents more because its true what they say….I’m stuck in this dead end job trying to start up my dream of being a stylist and it seems I will never get there….I hope any of the schools I applied too will accept me because it will give me the hope that I need in order to really get me going in this world….I am trying to get my dreams started on my own cause I know school alone wont help me I need to start making connects and really advertising myself. So With this blog and a lot of other internet sites I am trying to show what I can do and I am going to start advertising around my hometown and really getting people to know who I am…I’m going to start up a portfolio like one of my friends advise and really start getting me out of this funky rut that I am in. Will in the mean time between time start fashionable and I’ll talk to you guys later…..